What is InShape?

InShape is a new generation of body shaping solutions that adopts Intelligent Automatic Muscle Training (IamT) technology.

InShape with IamT applies super electric impulses generated by electromagnetic field to muscle in order to induce forced muscular contractions. It is an automatic reaction which is equivalent to an intensive strength exercise such as 20,000 squats or sit-up. Treated muscles get remodeled and rehabilated. It results in more toned and firmer muscles of abs, thighs and buttocks for better aesthetic appearance.

InShape enables to bring the effects without pain, downtime nor any discomfort and non-invasively.

Why Inshape machine is unique?

Most of body contouring machines work only on fat by different technologies which results in temporary breaking for small parts of body fat after frequent numbers of sessions, but this results will diminish fast when stopping the sessions as the body metabolism was not enhanced.

Inshape machine with (Iam T) technology has unique features as it works on both muscles stimulation and breaking fat at the same time, and results in improving body metabolism, showing better results in shorter time that last for long time.

How it works?

Muscle & Fat

Inshape induces supramaximal contractions on muscle with IamT in order to force involuntary workout.

As consequence of extreme workout, muscle grows in volume and strength and fat burns up at the same time. This non-invasive body shaping treatment is safest and effective.


Targeted muscle is exposed to electromagnetic field and treated selectively.

Microscopic tears are caused on myofibers as consequence.

Muscle recovers and rebuilds gradually, resulting in muscle growth (Hypertrophy) & multiply of myofibers (Hyperplasia)


Fat cell break down follows while muscle growths.

For extreme muscle activity, body requires immediate energy supply to muscle. With this purpose, fat breaks down into fatty acids and glycerol. They are supplied to muscle as ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), the energy source.

The decomposed cells are used up and the rest drained via metabolic process.

Treatment Area

Different size Bands

Shoulder Arm

Who needs InShape?

Build Muscle


Inshape machine with (IamT) Technology contribute in increasing the muscle mass and do body shaping with showing all details. Athletes will get benefit from dual mechanism of building muscles and burning fat at the same time in rate higher than doing exercise alone, as the machine will induce muscle contractions up to 20,000 times in 30 minutes without effort.

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Muscle Sculpt

Females who need body shaping

Inshape machine with (IamT) Technology will help females who are looking for body shaping in shorter time specially for those who resist regular exercise and diet programs. They will get such results through dual mechanism of the Inshape machine, as building muscles and burning fat done at same time, due to the high rate of muscle contractions which can be achieved by the Inshape (20,000 contraction) without effort

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Reduce Fat

Resistant abdomen fat

Inshape machine with (IamT) Technology will help in burning resistant fat at the abdomen and waist areas Which is not responding properly to different types of body contouring machines like (Cryo, Laser, Ultrasound or RF) through the dual effect of Inshape machine, of building muscles and burning fat as a result of huge number of muscle contractions 20,000 when compared with squats or Abs exercises.

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Not enough time for gym

Who does not have time to do exercises?

Inshape machine with (IamT) Technology will help people who do not like or don’t have time to do exercises nor to go to gym. As the machine will help in stimulating muscle growth and burning fat without physical effort, with short session’s time of 30 minutes only, by providing more muscle contractions than heavy exercise program done with private trainer.

Note: Inshape machine is not a replacement for visiting gym but it is a valuable & valid solution if the clients do not go to gym.

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Butt Lift

Butt lift

Inshape machine with (IamT) Technology will help in reducing the time required to get the required butt shape when compared with diet programs and daily exercises, since the machine will work through dual mechanism for building, shaping the muscle and also burning fat at the same time without effort.

You can imagine that with 30 minutes’ session on butt, you will get muscle contraction as equal to 20,000 squats without effort.

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After gastric sleeve cases

After gastric sleeve cases

For cases that have had a gastric sleeve, lost weight, and want to sculpt and define the body

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Protocols suitable for different cases

  • Fat burning program and withdraw water from the body
  • Muscle firmness and enlargement program
  • Muscle firmness & contour program
  • No pain or downtime
  • Result after 3-4 sessions
  • The device can be used for most muscles and parts of the body


Proven effect
both on muscle & fat
Treatment Only in 30 min
No downtime


Q & A

    The Client may need 8 sessions at least during the first 6 weeks (twice/week) and complete session might take 30 minutes.

    Patient can feel the difference from the first session, however he would reach the optimum results after 2-4 weeks after completing the full treatment protocol, with achieving 15-20% increase in muscles’ mass/volume. Hence, the results considered faster & much more significant than any other lipolysis machines, which may need much longer time to see any result.

    • Continuous exercise with specialized trainer
    • Healthy diet
    • Inshape Maintenance Program with fewer sessions’ frequency to avoid losing muscle mass which may happened after long time with starting in fat composing gradually again.

    Individuals who have metal plates or implants, pacemaker or suffer from Hernia.

    As Inshape machine stimulates muscles’ contractions in a very high rate, so this may lead in some cases to accumulating Lactic Acid inside the muscles same like happening during exercises or practising any sports heavily. However that may happen for a few cases who just start doing the sessions for the first time.